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What I love most about working with Fluid Arts, is that very rarely do finished pieces have any recognizable form. This abstraction results in a multi-faceted interpretation of each completed piece that is wholly unique to every individual viewer.


Artist Bio

I'm Deanna and am a lifelong artist. I've dabbled with various art forms over the years, but felt so inspired when I discovered Fluid Arts/Paint Pouring! I set out on an educational and experimental path of mastering this art form, but I still enjoy trying new things and am always working to improve my outlook as an artist. I'm constantly pushing my creative boundaries to see what else can be added to my artistic journey!

My recent endeavors have featured Balloon Kisses/Stamps and hand embellishments in conjunction with poured backgrounds and its been an exciting addition to my current body of work.

I'm an Associate Artist with d'Art Center in the NEON district of Norfolk, Virginia and have a Gallery Wall there. I also teach Paint Pouring workshops in partnership with d'Art Center.

I'm also a proud member of ArtWorks, Inc in Richmond, Virginia. Although I don't have gallery space there, my work has been featured multiple times in their monthly All-Media Shows and I'm scheduled for my first solo show there in 2020.

I hope my art resonates with you on some level, big or small. I'd love to hear about it, feel free to send me an email sharing your thoughts.